Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pocket Mirrors and Packaging

In my etsy shop I have one or two pocket mirrors for sale and below I have a photo of some of the new mirrors I am going to be listing soon. I would love some advice on the packaging of the mirrors - do you think the two I have listed in my shop at the moment look better than they would if I were to list them free from packaging? As a customer is it better to save a few pence and save packaging or not? I do think if they were for a gift then perhaps the packaging is better. I'm just not sure, advice would be appreciated.


  1. Your packaging is excellent - i think you should keep it for sure - it does make a difference I think.

    But lovely mirrors whatever you decide!! xx

  2. I agree with Emilia ;o) Keep your packaging! It's great! I see you have a cute new cat in your picture. I have to take a look at your shop ;o)