Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blogging round the bend!

A short little post just to say thank you to those of you who have been leaving comments for me. For some weird reason I am unable to leave comments at my own posts, I was hoping this would rectify itself but I'm afraid it's been the case for a little while- if anyone else has any problems like this and you can shed some light on the matter with me, please do!

I do love people leaving comments, I appreciate the advice and the time you take so please don't think I am ignorant, I will persevere with trying to sort this out!! (and a big thank you to Emilia and Stacy for the feedback on my packaging, you have helped me make up my mind for sure!)

P.S look out for a giveaway very soon to my blog followers x


  1. When you log in to blogger are you using internet explorer? if you are then you need to NOT tick the "keep me signned in" box, it's what I have to do with mine too, it's been like it for ages now.....silly blogger!!

    I hope that helps hun x

  2. Thank you, thank you! that seems to have worked, I dont quite understand why its like this now but its great I can leave comments again xx

  3. OHhhhhhhhh, I am excited about the giveaway ;o) Yeh! I haven't had any problems, but it looks like you have things solved. I actually had to stop using internet explorer and now I use Google Chrome. Take Care ;o)