Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bird and Binder

I've been very busy this week painting out new birds. The latest complete one is the little chaffinch pictured below and I have one in progress at the moment of a humming bird. I really enjoy painting the birds but I'm doing a few sketches as well of some other ideas that will complement them. I'm also excited to say I've sent the first couple away to the printers for some giclee prints so we'll see how those turn out later in the week.

I have also found a new way of storing my ACEOs. I used to keep them all in a little white box but I've started to put them all in a binder in little pockets together. I got the idea from my son who collects football cards in these little pockets. I liked the look of the album he was making and thought I'd have one too, only with all my coramantic minis!


  1. Your new bird is stunning!! Beautiful!! I have all my aceo's in binders too ;o) Great way to store them ;o) Take Care, hugs ;o)

    1. Thanks Stacy, I'm really enjoying painting the birds but will mix it up a little very soon. The binders really make a big difference to storage dont they, I'm feeling a little bit organised ;) x