Sunday, 31 March 2013

Drawing On

The weather here has been very mixed the last couple of days with snow, sunshine, rain and fog! so a little bit of everything, not so spring like. I thought I'd stop by and show some of the other stages in the cat drawings and development. From my sketchbook I started more detailed paintings mixed with expressive mark-making.

It was after this stage I started to draw more simplified versions that complemented Coramantic.

Here is a final artwork of a little ginger cat walking through the flowers.

And a little lady happy with her two cat friends, hope you enjoy :)


  1. Aww, I love these Yvonne!
    The detailed cat is beautiful too, but I love your Coramantic style so much!
    Beata x

    1. Hi Beata, thank you very much :) I quite enjoy working in detail and then simplifying, good fun, Yvonne x

  2. I love them Yvonne! Your detailed cat is stunning too! Well Done ;o)