Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Good things come in small packages.....I hope

I hope everyone has enjoyed their new year celebrations and is settling back into the calm now that all the bustle and buzz of the winter holidays is over. I'm getting back into my routine properly now that my son has gone back to school and I started back at my part time job last night. Over the last week or so I've been very busy painting and I'm completely hooked on painting on tiny canvases- here's a snap at my desk the other night -

I've just started adding a couple to my etsy shop but I've painted out quite a few now so you'll see them appearing over the coming days and weeks. I've been sketching out new ACEOs today so keep your eyes peeled for them also.


Also just wanted to share with you another little goodie I picked up in the sale - I bought it from one of my favourite shops, Zara. It's a little leopard messenger bag and it's a bit furry, It's already one of my favs. I think Zara is sold out of these now but they do have other lovely bags with leopard on, worth a google.


  1. Loving all your new creations!!! It's great when something new, inspires you! And, these little canvases have done so! The messenger bag is adorable!

    1. Thanks Stacy, I'm loving working on these so much- I've always enjoyed working on a small scale but I'm having a real passion for the acrylics right now. I like that the faces turn out a bit different depending on the scale and the medium I'm working in xx