Saturday, 14 January 2012

Artwork for Angels

Ambers Angel World is a charity providing support to bereaved families who have lost a baby, infant or have miscarried. I was recently contacted by Ambers Angel World to see if I could donate some artwork for an upcoming auction they are having to raise funds. I completed three illustrations that I will send to them and thought you might like a look before I post them off.

My Bubble World

With Wings

Knitwear Lover


  1. Yvonne, these are beautiful! If I was close by, I would bid on them! What a wonderful charity! So sad for what these families are going through! Many blessings to them!

  2. I know Stacy, I found it hard just reading through the info on the web site. I didnt want to post too many details because I know these things effect so many people and thats why I just put the links in. Thanks for the compliments on the drawings x

  3. They're absolutely beautiful! A very good cause too. :)
    Jess xx