Thursday, 7 April 2011

I heart... eco-shop launch

The last couple of days I have been busy drawing- getting some artwork ready to send away for the I heart... eco-shop launch on the 30th of April. I heart... is expanding in an eco friendly way and from the 30th of April will be stocking a variety of items including homewares, clothing, jewellery and artwork. All of the products stocked will be recycled, upcycled, sustainably sourced or from fair trade materials.

I heart... will host a unique collection to show that eco-friendly does not mean mumsy or frumpy and will stock items that are modern and fun as well as being kind to the environment.

For the artwork I've put together all the papers I have used are from 100% recycled resources. Although the paper and card I usually use comes from sustainable resources, I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about getting all recycled paper. Turns out its not something you can just walk into any stationary or art shop and buy, not for painting on anyway- thankfully the lovely Helen from Jolly Good pointed me in the right direction and I found eco-craft. I got a selection of a few different papers and they are all a lovely thick quality, many with flecks and speckles which adds to their charm. The drawing below was done on a paper called hairy manilla (as green as it gets apparently), if you want to see any more of the drawings then maybe head over to the I heart... online shop on the 30th of April.


  1. This sounds very exciting and love the drawing as always.I love eco-craft too and use the lovely hairy manilla for my packaging but love your use of it!Good luck with it all,Cassandra xx

  2. Thanks Cassandra, I really liked painting on the hairy manilla, I think I'll use it again, I had to use a few coats of white but then it started to pop out with the dark brown background, Yvonne xx